About Me

Welcome to Chip Chip Hooray! However it is you found me, I'm glad you're here.
So, in the spirit of learning about me, here are Ten Totally Random Factoids:

1. I'm a (fairly) recent college graduate who's still navigating her entry into the so-called real world. The fact that this navigation involves mornings that begin when some of my friends who are still in college are heading to bed is a point of contention between me and said real world. Also the fact that my meals no longer magically appear after I swipe a card with elusive Meal Points that don't aaaactually equal real money (ha).

2. I have an inordinate love of peanut butter that has developed within the past six months. Seriously. I used to hate peanut butter, like despise it with every fiber of my being. Then one day, I tried one of these little peanut butter squares my college roommate made. And bam. Gateway drug. I now dip carrot sticks, apples, pretzels (spoons, my fingers) in PB and have become something of a Reese's hoarder. Nom.

3. I love books. Reading them, writing them, editing them, whatever. Even after I work with them all day long, I still find myself wanting to settle in for the night with a good book in hand (just maybe not one from my publishing house, haha).

4. I love bad reality TV. My IQ-draining shows of choice? Say Yes to the Dress. Cake Boss. Chopped. What Not to Wear. Fabulous Cakes. If it involves fondant, butter, pretty dresses, or people eating fondant and butter while wearing pretty dresses, chances are I will be glued to the screen. Don't judge.

5. I used to be a super picky eater. If you ask any of my friends from high school and college, chances are they'll tell you I ate grilled chicken, pasta, and like...turkey sandwiches. A huge part of the past few years of my life has been opening myself up to new food experiences and realizing that food is more than nourishment--it's a conversation starter; it's a way to connect with people; it's culturally resonant. And I love that there's this whole community of food bloggers out there that shares my sentiments!

6. I lived in Spain for three and a half months during undergrad, and it was a hugely formative experience for me (with all its ups and downs). I want to bring the mid-morning tortilla de patata to America so that everyone can experience the glory that is pinxhos.

7. If I had a billion trillion dollars, I'd probably just go to school and get degrees for the rest of my life. I actually miss writing papers and going to seminars and talking about heady, esoteric ideas. Yeah, I'm a huge dork. Sorry.

8. If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one dessert, it would probably be this crumb cake my aunt makes. Actually, maybe just the crumbs. I'd die of butter consumption before I'd die of anything the island could do to me, so that'd probably work out just fine.

9. My idea of a perfect Friday night often involves sweatpants, tea, and Mad Men DVDs. This may also be due to the fact that my boyfriend and most of my close friends live out of state now. However, I do genuinely enjoy cozy TV time.

10. I like things that are sensible and organized and well presented. So this had to be a list of ten even though I ran out of things to say at like...number three. "Three Totally Random Factoids" just does not pack the same punch as "Ten." This also applies to the alphabetization of my CD collection and, back in the day, AIM buddy list.

Welcome again! Come in and stay awhile. :)