Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've moved!

It's official! Chip Chip Hooray is movin' on up.

Head on over to http://chipchiphooray.com and check out my new digs! And don't forget to update your readers or RSS feeds to make sure you still get all my awesome posts--I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom-Mom's Boxty (Irish Potato Pancakes)

Let's face it: the Irish aren't exactly know for their cooking abilities. When there is no meat temperature other than well done and the starch part of your meal often consists of a dark stout, it's likely that you'll be passed over when it comes to gourmet food tours. (Disclaimer: Stereotypes! :) )

Maybe so. But when my mom and my aunt talk about Sunday night dinners growing up, they always, always reminisce about the boxty my grandma (affectionately known as "Mom-Mom" by her gaggle of grandchildren) would make them. ("Boxty" is the Irish term for potato pancakes--like latkes, for my Jewish brothers and sisters out there.) My mom loved them hot off the skillet, while my aunt preferred them cold the next morning for breakfast (with granulated sugar sprinkled on top).